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    Looking for the Best Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms?

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    You’ve found them. SteelSafe Shelters are solid steel shelters that have been certified, tested, and approved by leading agencies. Our shelters are installed in 1000s of homes throughout the Southeast.


    Average number of tornadoes in the Unites States each year. Over 25% of these are in the Southeast, making it one of the most dangerous areas.


    On average, there are over 50 tornado related deaths/injuries each year per state. Most of these are the result of flying debris.

    $10 Billion

    Estimated tornado damage in the U.S. during 2015. Countless homes and property were lost as a result of these natural disasters.


    Our solid steel shelters and safe rooms have been installed in over 2000 homes throughout the southeastern United States.

    At SteelSafe Shelters, we manufacture what we sell and have the best client satisfaction in the industry.

    We are at the forefront of storm protection. Our shelters contain some of the most innovative features and the highest install standards on the market today. Our flush, solid steel models are designed to be installed inside a new or existing carport or garage, and take up no space from your usable area. This shelter design is installed under your concrete floor in the garage or carport (yes, existing homes also) and you park your vehicle right over the top of it. Amazingly, our dual lid design not only provides two methods to exit your shelter in emergency situations but also allows you to enter your shelter without having to move your vehicle when a quick entry is necessary. This is a great feature should you be asleep when the awful sound of weather siren awakes you, leaving you little or no time to be prepared. And the best part, with our in ground flush shelter, you never have to get out in the storm to retreat to the safety of your shelter.

    Our outdoor models are designed for those who might not have a covered garage or carport. This shelter model, like the flush model, is a solid steel unit and is one of the most advanced and well thought out exterior shelters available.

    All of our shelter models meet or exceed to requirements to qualify for available funding and grants that are available through FEMA, ADEM, or your county EMA. This includes:

    • Certified Test Results (Texas Tech Wind, Science, Engineering, & Debris Impact Test)
    • Engineer Certified and Stamped Blue Prints and Drawings
    • Exceeds FEMA 320/361 guidelines for storm shelters
    • Exceeds ICC-500 guidelines for storm shelters
    • Exceeds ASTM 330 guidelines for static pressure testing
    • 20 year corrosion warranty

    We offer custom size shelters. If you can dream it, we can build it.

    $500 Deposit required on all shelters and financing is available with approved credit.

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