Do you offer custom built buildings?

We do, we offer building sizes form 6x10 to 16x54.

We offer customers the ability to chose window, door and colors options on custom order builds.

Contact us for more info.

How long for delivery and setup on off lot buildings?

7-10 days weather permitting on off lot deliveries.

How much are the buildings?

Contact us and we can email you a brochure and price list or visit our lot and we can provide you with both.

How far do we deliver?

We have a 50 mile delivery radius from our lots.

In some circumstances we may be able to alter this rule.

Please contact us if you have any questions

What kind of warranty is on the buildings?

All of our new buildings come with:

  • A 5 year craftsmanship warranty
  • A 50 year siding warranty with LP Smart Siding
  • 30 year warranty on the metal roof
  • Warranties on all our flooring materials
Is delivery and set up free?

Delivery, set up and leveling of the building is standard on all our buildings.

Do I need good credit for the Rent-to-Own option?


We offer an affordable alternative to buying your portable building by signing a 36 or 48 month rent-to-own contract. A small security deposit and/or your first month's rent is all that is due to get a building delivered to you!